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In conclusion, public colleges may be favored in searches for many reasons. This could be the number of them compared to the number of public colleges, the high tuition they demand, or the general desire. However, that does not mean the searches for those schools were extremely low. The two most noticeable dips were during Thanksgiving and Christmas. If you are on vacation during the holiday, you might not spend your time on your doing research on colleges. You are spending it with your family or celebrating. Right after these holidays, the searches increased, since people began to get back into school or work. Another important difference was that during the Summer, the searches decreased very gradually, then built back up again near the start of the school year, August and September. This could mean that during the Summer, people shifted their thoughts away from school since this Summer is the longest break for most students, and when the new school year approached, more people were doing research on colleges. I thought that during the Summer the searches would be higher since people have more time to learn about colleges they are thinking to go to, but I was wrong. As I mentioned before, there was a small increase in searching public and private colleges in the months of March and April. Most students receive their application admissions back around this time, so it would be typical of students to do more searching on the two types of colleges, and which to choose, once they find out if they are accepted or rejected from such college. 

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