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By looking at the graph, there are a couple of main conclusions you can make. Public colleges are slightly above private colleges for the whole year, and they both follow a similar pattern. The regular average baseline for public colleges is about 90 and the average baseline for private colleges is about 45. There is a 20 interest number drop starting November 19th and ending on November 25th for both types of colleges. This would make sense because Thanksgiving is on November 22nd, and most people would not be doing college/achademic research during vacation time when families are together. After Thanksgiving, the searches return to their average baseline until Christmas when there is an even larger drop for public colleges. Private colleges also have this same drop but it is more gradual. After the holiday seasons, there is a slight increase in searches for both schools during March and April. The searches then slowly decline during the Summer, then slowly increase again to the average baseline once school starts again in August/September. 

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